Spirited Arts Competition

Spirited Arts Competition
Here is an example of a thoughtful piece of artwork created by a member of Year 5, based on the theme 'God's Good Earth.' She has written a beautiful description of her work which shows her passion about this issue, as well as good connections to Religion and the Christian belief that God created the Earth but gave humans 'Dominion' over it; that is, He gave humans responsibility for caring for it. Don't forget to email your work over to me via the school's admin account, I'd love to see it!

Goodbye, God’s Good Earth
I chose the title ‘Goodbye God’s Good Earth’ because of the pollution we cause to the sea and the trees that we burn down, so I have drawn Earth as an angel. I think my work connects to Religion because it is linked to the fact that Christians believe God created the Earth and now we are destroying it.
This picture is all about how bad we are to the Earth and that we should be grateful and stop harming the world that Christians believe God made for us to look after and love. I’ve tried to show my ideas by drawing plastic in the sea hurting and even killing animals, as well as humans burning trees with an angel Earth flying away to represent us killing the Earth. In my picture, you can see animals hurt by plastic and fishing nets, a human standing on top of the world and chopping and burning down trees. I have also drawn the old Earth flying away as an angel.
What I like best about my work is that it connects to harming our Earth and animals and that God doesn’t like us being rude to our home! If you look carefully at the work, you will see that I have also drawn plastic hurting the Earth too, as well as the sea. While I was making this, I thought a lot about drawing the dolphin correctly so you knew that it was a dolphin getting hurt by humans and I would like to say that it is horrible that big, beautiful sea creatures like dolphins are hurt and even killed by what we are doing to them!
Spirited Arts Work
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