More & Most Able provision at Ickleford School

What does More & Most Able mean?

At Ickleford Primary School we recognise & value that our pupils have a wide range of abilities and talents.

It is our aim to meet the needs of each of our children, providing them with a happy, secure and stimulating environment, which challenges and encourages each child to achieve to the best of their individual ability.

We take pride in our wide and balanced curriculum which is guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum. All our children have equal access to this, so that each child is equipped with the skills necessary for their future.

In keeping with these principles we are committed to identifying the specific needs and abilities of all our pupils.

Through this process we recognise that many of our children will be capable of high learning potential who can be considered to be the ‘More and Most Able’ pupils in our school.

Children may be considered More & Most Able in diverse fields such as academic, creative, sporting, social or leadership. They may be prolific writers, talented artists or analytical scientists.          

Who does the M&MA term apply to?

At Ickleford School we identify our More & Most Able children as those who have the potential to successfully & consistently work at a level that is exceeding their age related expectations (ARE) and so demonstrate an ability/aptitude that is higher than average for their year group.

We apply this categorisation to the academic curriculum areas which we teach and are able to develop in school.

Separately we may choose to identify talented children as demonstrating an innate talent or skill in a creative or sporting field which can be facilitated and nurtured outside of school with our encouragement & support.

Within Ickleford School we recognise that children considered to be More & Most Able may present their abilities in different ways:

They may:

P  Exceed Age Related Expectations in more than one subject

P  Show deep mastery in only one subject

P  Have depth and breadth in learning but demonstrate low motivation

P  Have exceptional verbal ability but having poor writing skills

P  Exceed Age Related Expectations but have a short attention span

P  Exceed Age Related Expectations but have limited interpersonal skills

P  Be keen to disguise their abilities

P  Show M&MA capabilities but possess SEND diagnoses

Will you tell me if my child is working above age related expectations & is considered M&MA?

During our consultation meetings with parents & careers and in our annual reports, teachers will clearly state whether your child is meeting the appropriate age related expectations, is working below age related expectations or is exceeding age related expectations.

How does the school decide if a child is considered M&MA?

The identification of M&MA pupils is a continuous process.

It is based on a portfolio approach and is part of the ongoing assessment at the core of our approach to teaching and learning.

Our identification process will be informed by:

P  Continuous assessment & data analysis

P  Classroom based observations

P  Work sampling/scrutiny

P  Detailed staff discussions

Additionally we use Baseline and end of Key Stage assessment data to inform our identification process.

We also place great value on the information given to us by parents & carers. The partnerships we establish allow for a good level of communication enabling us to discuss the special achievements & successes of each child.

Furthermore we believe it is important to include the children in our identifications & we take time to discuss with them their own views and how they perceive their learning.

We ensure that our judgements of More & Most Able children are consistent within the school through staff discussion and through the moderation of pupils work.

How do you support children who are considered M&MA?

At Ickleford School we recognise that the most effective provision for M&MA children occurs in classrooms where expectations are high & the learning environment is supportive.

We believe that our More & Most Able pupils will be the children who demonstrate the greatest level of breadth & depth of understanding in their learning.

In order to facilitate the stretch & challenge of all our children including the M&MA pupils we use a range of Teaching & Learning strategies to promote successful mastery in all subjects.

Strategies we may employ include:

P  Differentiation (targeting specific work tasks to specific children) including targeted teacher   questioning and rich & sophisticated tasks to raise the level of challenge

P  The provision of extension opportunities to demonstrate the achievement of mastery & fluency

P  Varying pupil groups to suit specific learning objectives or social development

P  Adopting a problem solving approach

P  Adopting a skills based approach to learning where how to learn is the focus rather than what to learn

P  Exposing children to a variety of learning styles

P  Special tasks of responsibility

Child initiated learning opportunities allowing pupils to:

  1. organise their own work, to carry out tasks unaided
  2. develop resilience in their approach to learning
  3. evaluate their work and become self-critical
  4. employ higher order problem solving and study skills

P  Targeted deployment of Teaching Assistants

P  Differentiated homework tasks when appropriate

P  Visits by outside agencies when appropriate to develop activities or expand topic areas

Do you provide additional support for children who are considered M&MA?

In addition to the high quality teaching provided for our M&MA children in our classrooms, we also facilitate:

P  Enrichment days – when we invite experts in different fields into school to provide specialist teaching for our M&MA children/or children may be taken to other sites to work with subject specialists

P  Cluster events where children interact and learn with other M&MA children from other schools

P  Subject specific activity days or weeks

P  Residential experiences

P  School clubs

P  Entry into suitable competitions

P  Mentoring and additional provision for pupils of exceptional ability.

P  Opportunities to participate in activities outside of school

P  Celebrate achievements from both school and outside school (Celebration Assemblies)

Where can I find more information about M&MA provision at Ickleford School?

If you would like to find out further details about the way we support for our M&MA children, please see our M&MA policy located in the policies section of our school website.

You may also wish to speak to your child’s class teacher who will be able to discuss in greater detail the ways in which your own child is being supported in school.

Download this file (More  Most Able Policy 2016.pdf)More and Most Able Policy[ ]265 kB

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