On Thursday 21st September Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful day out at St Albans Abbey where they spent the day learning all about the Romans and Roman Britain.

The day started with a feast! All the children took part in a food preparation session where they made different dishes that would be served at a typical Roman feast. No roasted door mice but they did try stuffed dates, bread, cheese and herbs and fruit.

During the day the children took part in a blanket dig looking at a range of artefacts from the Roman Britain period of history. They even got the chance to handle a few of the objects and some even became Roman soldiers for a few moments! As well as this the children also were given the opportunity to watch a group of archaeologists at work and speak to them about the historical artefacts they have discovered under a section of ground next to the Cathedral.

To finish the children roleplayed the story of St Alban and how the Abbey came to be built.

The children had a wonderful day and each of the three activities they took part in offered them a fantastic chance to learn more about a fascinating period in British History.

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