On Monday 23rd September Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful day out at St Albans Cathedral where they spent the day learning all about the Romans and Roman Britain.

The day started with a welcome from a Roman soldier! He explained what life was like in the Roman army, the marching, building, fighting and finally, one day, freedom. He was disappointed to learn that we hadn’t marched to St Albans from Ickleford! 

After that the children split into two groups and took part in a blanket dig. They looked at a range of artefacts from different periods of British history and what an archaeologist can learn from them. The main focus was of course the Roman artefacts, they even got the chance to handle a few of the objects and some even became Roman soldiers for a few moments!

All the children then took part in a food preparation session where they made different dishes that would be served at a typical Roman feast. No roasted door mice but they did try stuffed dates, bread, cheese and herbs and fruit.

After lunch the children role played the story of St Alban and how the Abbey came to be built. They got the chance to wear costumes and act out the story as it happened.

The children had a wonderful day and were an absolute credit to the school, many of the museum staff commented on their wonderful behaviour. Each of the three activities they took part in offered them a fantastic chance to learn more about a fascinating period in British History.

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