Water Workshop – Wednesday 29th January 2020

Today Year 4 took part in a practical water workshop led by Mr Gibson from Affinity Water. The main focus of the morning was the ‘Water Supply Challenge’. Working in groups of five, the children had to design a network of pipes that would supply all the main locations of a town with water. However, they had to ensure that they went over bridges at the railway and only crossed roads at a certain point. Once the children had finished their design they then constructed their network of pipes. It led from a water tank and then to each of the buildings, such as a farm, school, hospital and collection of houses. The pipes could be connected at right angles and each location had a valve that would be opened once the water tank was full. We then watched as the water made its way round the pipes to each location. Some filled quicker than others and valves had to be switched off before flooding occurred. Mr Gibson explained that these are the types of problems the very clever people at Affinity Water have to solve every day. The children had a great time, they all worked really well together in their groups, listening and problem solving.

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