At Ickleford Primary School, we have four committees which report into the full Governing Board. The committees examine their areas in detail at meetings which are generally held once or twice each term.

Environment, Safety and Buildings - this committee focuses on minimising the environmental impact of the school, and encouraging 'green' initiatives. Its remit also covers the fabric of the school and its surroundings, considers what new infrastructure might be of most benefit to the children, and carefully monitors the whole school environment to minimise physical risks to all users of the school.

Finance – as its name suggests, this committee is responsible for setting the school budget, monitoring income and expenditure, and ensuring we get good value for money.

Performance & Development – has oversight of the performance of the children – how this is monitored, how the various categories of children perform relative to their peers to ensure all make good progress, and the effectiveness of the interventions in raising standards.

Personnel – is responsible for staffing matters, including recruitment and retainment, pay (in consultation with Finance) and school policies relating to people.

At every full Governing Board meeting, the Chair of each committee answers any questions that other governors might have arising from committee meetings. The salient points of these discussions are included in the minutes of the full Governing Board.

There is a fifth, unofficial group, focussing on Governor Development, which aims to raise the standards of the Governing Board through formal and informal training.

Membership of each committee can be found in the attached document



Each non-staff governor has responsibility for one or more curriculum areas and/ or other named responsibilities. This information can be found in the attached document.

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Download this file (GB web page - curriculum responsibilities (Feb 2022).pdf)Governors Curriculum Area Responsibilities[ ]394 kB

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