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School Leaders

Ickleford Primary School offers many opportunities for you to get involved in pupil leadership roles around the school. It is an opportunity for you to:

  • develop your character such as resilience and confidence;
  • live out your values such as generosity and patience;
  • improve your team building skills such as learning to negotiate and collaborate;
  • evolve a sense of citizenship which is when you work together with others to make a positive difference; along with
  • sharing your skills and talents to help others

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School Council

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Every new academic year, each class in Year 2 to Year 6 vote for two school council representatives from their class, who form part of a school council. Extra school councillors are selected by staff to represent Year 1 and Reception.

The elected school council meet regularly, with Mr Horgan and Mrs Parmar, to discuss ideas on how to make our school an even better place and to organise fundraising activities. School councillors also perform important duties such as meeting our governors and representing the pupil voice when visitors come to our school.

In the past, as a thank you and well done, Mr Horgan has organised trips to the Houses of Parliament to show the school councillors democracy in action! 

Find out how you can become a school councillor by looking at Mr Horgan's powerpoint.

Mr Horgan's Collective Worship - School Council Information

Music Leaders

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We would like to tell you all about being a music leader at Ickleford Primary School. There are five of us who help Mrs Wright with infant and junior choir, every Wednesday and Friday, along with carry out other musical jobs around school.

At infant choir, we help teach KS1 and Reception children fun and enjoyable songs which we sing and dance along to. It is a pleasure to teach the young members of our school the Ickleford School classic songs that we also enjoyed singing along to when we were little. Some of our favourite songs to dance and sing to are ‘Dr.Nickerbocker’ and the ‘Penguin Song’. At the moment, KS1 are always requesting ‘The Princess and the Galant Prince’ because they get to act out the parts and dance in pairs.

In junior choir, we sing more advanced songs with trickier melodies and sometimes we sing in two or three parts. We have a list of warm up songs that the music leaders lead, such as ‘repeat after me songs’, or songs we sing together with actions. Currently, we are learning the song ‘A River’s Tale’ which is so fun to learn.

It’s a great pleasure to be a music leader and to get the chance to experience singing with other people. We find it very exciting being a music leader because there are a lot of jobs to complete. We also have the responsibility of taking care of all the percussion instruments in school and making sure they are ready for class music lessons.

We hope that you might want to be a music leader in the future.

Written by the music leaders.

Sports Captains

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